Blackstone Exploration Company Inc.


Blackstone Exploration Company Inc., has acquired over 251,191.32 net mineral acres of oil, natural gas, and helium leases for the purposes of exploring and developing natural resources in and around the Holbrook Basin of Northeastern Arizona. It has also acquired drilling and support equipment to target the Permian and Devonian formations in the Holbrook Basin in Northeast Arizona.


Blackstone Exploration Company, Inc. has received four approvals for permits to drill, and has commenced drilling the State of Arizona #2. The surface string will be cemented Monday, 11-16-15, and the drilling and geological teams will be on location Wednesday, to take the hole through the reservoir strata.


Blackstone Exploration Company Inc., is in the process of surveying and permitting 14 exploratory wells in the Holbrook Basin for production of oil, hydrocarbon gas, and helium.


Blackstone Exploration Company Incorporated
PO Box 940
156 West Vista Drive
Holbrook, Arizona 86025
PH: 928-524-7786
FX: 928-524-7787


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