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AOG Notice to Media 20140524



Dear Public Media:


This letter is to inform you that our company and our affiliates take misrepresentations by the press through omission and commission as slander, libel, and tortious interference in our business operations.  Any agent of the media or media agency who commits even ‘routine’ ‘status quo’ misrepresentations of fact through the representation of ‘public opinions’ contrary to facts which have been provided will be met with swift injunctive litigation, and the media agent will be personally sued and his/her agency held jointly and severally liable for such actions, including any attorney’s fees, and financial damages incurred through such acts.


The media can serve one of three general functions: (1) reporting of facts to improve the human condition; (2) unbiased reporting of facts only to report the facts; (3) boosting the ‘media businesses’ through sensationalism.


We welcome an open and positive relationship with the media; and we suggest that its highest purpose should be to report on the facts of the energy business to improve the human condition.


We have intelligence about the energy industry, and most of its states and branches, with depth of understanding about the pros and cons and impacts on the environment caused by oil production—which not only powers our vehicles, but is also used in many industrial processes, and in the manufacture of many consumer goods; both essential and non-essential to human survival; and the production of natural gas—which powers our cities at half of the carbon footprint of coal, lifting up the human condition by powering schools, hospitals and factories.


We also know the reality of the net toll caused by little-cited impacts caused by renewables such as: ethanol, which as an industry, is entirely irresponsible to the environment.  It takes less water frack the oil and gas reserves that exist naturally within the  earth, than it does to irrigate ten acres of corn for one year, and the well may drain the oil and gas for one to several miles under the earth, and only needs to be fracked once.  The idea of reseeding a food product every year, watering massive fields to grow that food product and then utilizing subsidization from the Government, to turn that food into a fuel product that can be produced from where it naturally occurs in the earth is a true affront to humanity.  The food-product should be used to feed people: The water footprint utilized in the production of ethanol is wholly irresponsible; and the end-result is that the ethanol has a similar carbon-footprint to the gasoline.


Many of the people who are opposed to copper mine expansion in Arizona, support wind turbine generation.  They don’t realize that electricity is generated either by (1) a copper coil spinning inside of a copper casing, or (2) a copper coil spinning inside of a rare earth element magnet.  With its international footprint, there are very few of the safety regulations that we in the US take for granted to ensure the responsible production of windmills, which has contributed to the dumping of cyanide into the ocean off of the coast of India, breathing problems caused from little-regulated fiberglass construction methods and nearly non-existent protections for the mining of Chinese rare earth elements.


Solar Power has not fared much better.  From the unregulated mining of the raw goods employed in the solar panels, and industrial process to construct the solar panels—many  Chinese cities have had to power down all of their industrial activities for hours and days at a time, to allow the smog to dissipate to levels that are merely toxic.


All of these horrible impacts of the ‘renewable’ industry ignore the probable human scale extinction event that will be caused by the nuclear power industry, and cost of human life already paid mostly by the Native American population of our country for Uranium Mining in the past.  A large enough solar flare would disable the electric grid on a hemisphere of our planet, rendering the pumps that cool the nuclear waste stored at every power plant on that hemisphere ineffective, causing a hemispherical melt-down that will cover 100% of the earth’s topsoil with unremediatable cesium—which in turn, will cause sterility in man-kind when the plants and animals introduce that cesium to the food chain—which in turn, would cause extinction of the human race.


The media has a responsibility to lift-up the human intelligence, and condition through the exposure of these serious issues.  We are open to talk about any or all of the issues; and we will be submitting a series of papers on the realities of the energy industry, and the hidden costs of all of its outlets to the environment and the public.  We will not be part of a media circus.


Ignoring any of the facts as provided by our company to run sensational reports that contradict the intentions of our company, and furthermore, disguise themselves as public opinions on fracking, when we have stated that we have no intention of drilling horizontal shale gas wells, and then fracking them as a completion method, will be met with swift legal action.  We will not tolerate any media person or company that purports to be fair by ignoring our statements of fact, and bolstering their ratings with opinions that are not facts.  We will litigate for a fair assessment of the truth, and hold all parties responsible for any ensuing damages.


Interference in one of our proposed fields could have damages of up to $2.3 billion with over a Quarter of a Billion dollars of that that revenue being scheduled to go directly to the State of Arizona as royalty payments, with more being paid in as taxes.  Net the loss of jobs and income taxes and it becomes bad business for the Media in Arizona to sensationalize ours.


Our companies are in good compliance and have the good-will of all of the governmental agencies with which they are involved, and we are educated industry environmentalists, operating one of the better energy business models for the health and well-being of our natural resources, our planet, and the species that cohabitate it, under rational ideas of the net cost of the various energy industries to our planet and the survivability of its species..


Chanel 4 Tucson, has already begun to sensationalize our business through the omission of facts.  We told them we will not be fracking, and we were ignored to present the opinions of two people about fracking in relationship to our business as if we would be fracking.  This report ignored many of the fair and factual statements that were made to the media in order to run the misrepresentations as to our intentions about fracking, and to run ‘opinions’ which directly defy the facts provided about fracking.  Opposing every provided fact to slant public opinion is a media circus of slander and libel.  Getting the public riled-up about issues that do not exist is bad journalism.


I would be willing to meet with all parties to this bad journalism at the Arizona Inn, to give a thorough examination of the facts of the oil business and its value to Arizona. I would be willing to do a thirty minute or one hour interview with Mr. Nathan O’Neal.  Or I would be willing to have the young ladies who voiced their opposition to fracking open for five minutes with their opinions, then have Mr. O’Neal ask questions for ten minutes, and open the floor to other reporters’ questions for ten minutes, with Mr. O’Neal as moderator, and then wrap up with a five minute closing statement.


I am not as concerned about the format as the tone of impartiality.  There is no scientific, economic, or other good reason to create frivolous, slanderous, derogatory or unsubstantiated news.  We should all be able to have a non-confrontational, educational and respectful meeting at the Arizona Inn.  The oil business is great for Arizona, as it create jobs and tax base which will help lift up the quality of life in the state.  We would welcome the media’s help in lifting up these holistic qualities of the oil and gas business, so that we can truly take a loving interest in the world around us, and contribute to the enhancement of the human condition by lifting each other into an intelligent state of mutual grace.


Respectfully yours,



Carmon Decker Bonanno

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