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At the Request of Nathan O’Neal KVOA TV-4 Tucson the following press release was issued:

Mr. O’Neal,
Thank you for your call earlier today.  I issued this press release for the Bisbee Observer, and it was completely ignored.  I would appreciate you pointing out that our web site has more information, for anyone who is interested to gain more knowledge and comfort with our operations:

Carmon Decker Bonanno, Managing Member of Gusher State LLC is pleased to announce that they have received their first two drilling permits in the state of Arizona from the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.  Permits numbered 1187 and 1188 for the wells named the 1-21 State and the 2-22 State to be drilled north of Douglas in Cochise County, Arizona early summer of 2014.  Gusher State LLC is a private consortium of conscientious oil and gas industry professionals, many in their second, third and fourth generations as family-oriented, independent oil producers.  Being raised in the farm lands of Mid-America, they value and care deeply for the land, as they have farmed and raised cattle in the same fields where they produce their oil.  Their respect for the environment is a way of life.  As a company of innovators who have been held in the esteem of their peers for uses of best practices in the industry, they have set up to uphold their promise to educate the community, and drive Arizona’s Oil and Gas industry forward in the best possible way.

Also, to extend to you the courtesy of answering your questions.

1.  We are specifically looking for traditional oil-bearing strata, mixed with natural gas.  This is good for America, as we need to end our dependence on foreign oil supplies, and it is good for Cochise County, as the Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative power plant is currently burning coal supplies, but has installed burners for much cleaner natural gas, and would welcome a local supply of natural gas to keep the power plant running in legislative climates that could affect their operations, and running in a cleaner way that is much better for the environment.

2.  Fracking has been mischaracterized in general, as it has been a buzzword to be spoke of in the absence of most facts; and the concern about fracking if flow stops was raised by a land-man who is uneducated in the operations of the oil business.  We have no intention of fracking.

3.  The type of fracking that everyone is critical of, is the large-water fracks that are employed to stimulate shales in horizontal shale-gas wells.  Our wells will not be drilled for shale-gas, and they will be standard vertical oil wells.  We have no intention of doing these fracks, however many of the items that people are critical of are the product of myth.

The new technology of these large water fracks actually take less water per well than it takes to water 10 acres of corn for one season, however the corn gets re-seeded and watered every year, whereas the wells are only fracked once.  [We consider it a serious affront to the responsible use of natural resources to use the huge water footprint to grow corn, only to use governmental ‘renewable subsidies’ to turn that corn (which should be used to feed people), into biofuels which have their own carbon footprint-while oil and gas rests naturally in the earth, and can be safely harvested from the earth.]

The water use stops after the well is completed;  The economic impact of a large gas-well can stimulate the economy in the way of creating jobs, increased entrepreneural activities for support services, and  increasing tax base to support vital functions of government like our children’s schools, our roads–and less thought of functions–like disaster relief and management and fighting wild-fires.  And most importantly, the gas supply is a critical and cleaner cross-over from coal power generation, which is better for all aspects of the environment, from the mining of the coal to the greenhouse gases that are emitted.

4.  Lastly, please have the public visit our website to answer any more of their questions and concerns.

Please let us know if this helps, and we would enjoy watching the news release, so please forward a link to the news release once made.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Carmon Decker Bonanno

 On May 19, 2014, at 2:41 PM, “Nathan O’Neal” <> wrote:

Thanks for speaking with me briefly earlier.

We’re working on a story for air this evening about the couple of exploratory wells to be drilled in Cochise County just a few miles north of Douglas, Arizona.

I have a few questions on that project —

What is your company drilling to look for specifically?

There are some concerns that fracking could be used if the flow stops — is there truth to this?

On the point of using fracking as a method, many criticize the method for its extensive use of water among other things — what is your response to that?

Thank you for help on this. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Nathan O’Neal
Reporter, KVOA-TV

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