Historical Library

Carmon Decker Bonanno, president of Arizona Oil and Gas has inherited a vast library of historical and geological files containing many clues as to the existence and locations of natural resources including oil, hydrocarbon and inert gasses and mineral and elemental deposits across Arizona, the Southwest, and the world.  When he was invited to Arizona in 2005, he was challenged with igniting the oil industry in the state: it has also been requested by the leadership at the Barry Goldwater foundation and numerous of Arizona’s intellectual leadership that the files be made public when proper to do so.   As such, some of these documents are being made available through this web site to the public at large.

There are thousands of documents located in the files.  These will take time to carefully digitize, but will continually be added to the library over time.

Please click a link under the green bar to the right which says ‘Geology’ in white letters to bring up documents for that area.

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