Rocking Chair Ranch 04

We have tested some lower Supai zones and the Fort Apache in the 04. We have tested the lower Corduroy in the Supai which looked good on the mud-log and open hole log. The well has been treated with 2,000 gal HCL. The Corduroy zone had a live show of condensate (pentane [C5H12] and heaver liquid gasses). The well has pressured up to 400psi, which is impressively nearly double the pressure of the Pinta Dome field. Because of the pressure and presence of condensate, BECI has ordered a pumping unit to produce the well for 30-60 days to see if the well cleans up and comes on hydrocarbon production and increased helium content.

Permit: Blackstone Permit RCR04


Blackstone RCR _4 comp 820-1815


05-09-2016: 8:22 AM Total Depth of 1853′.

Running Open hole logs.

7:30 PM Arizona Time. Running in production casing.

05-07-2016: 7:00 AM Arizona Time: 1059′.

05-05-2016: Surface hole drilled to 815′. Setting Surface Pipe.

Surface Casing cement circulated to surface.

05-04-2016: 6:30 AM Arizona Time: 633′.

05-03-2016: 7:30 AM Arizona Time: 303′.

04-30-2016: Conductor hole drilled.

142′ of 13 3/8″ Conductor Casing set.

7:00 PM Arizona Time: Conductor Casing cement circulated to surface.

RCR 04 Cementing Conductor Casing

04-30-2016 Rocking Chair Ranch 04 Spudded.

04-28-2016: Derrick Raised on Rocking Chair Ranch 04.

RCR 04 Drilling Rig

04-25-2016: Location prepared. Bringing in support equipment and drilling rig from Rocking Chair Ranch 03.

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