Holbrook Basin

A Geological Report of the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Holbrook Basin and Southern Black Mesa Basin in Navajo and Coconino Counties, Arizona by S. J. Mazzullo PhD

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF.  Please be patient this is a 56 page document with large format maps in it. It may take a while to download.

Holbrook Basin Petroleum Potential by S J Mazzullo1

These Documents are from Public Sources and Governmental Agencies

Oil and Gas Potential of Pre-Permian Strata, Eastern Holbrook Basin, Arizona

AGS Core Report and NMGS Report

Arizona Has Helium

Dineh-Bi-Keyah Field Numbers

Evaluation of Potential Shale Gas Targets in Arizona

Geological Report of the Holbrook Anticline

Helium News Paper 1960s

Holbrook Basin Cross Section

Holbrook Basin Devonian Isopach


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